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  • PREMIER FXVCI – a beneficial company

    of reliable Union,

    and participation in it enables receiving a good additional
    income without any special effort!

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    Our client was sure!

    Sure in the safety of its own funds, as well as regular
    interest payments.

    Presented guarantees, as well as possible to confirm this!

Social responsibility

PREMIER FXVCI, company of our Union, based on venture investments.

Despite the fact that absolutely all deposits in this company are made without signing of any documents, during the whole period of its work there had been no case, when we delayed payments or did not paid our investors, prescribed by rate schedules.

Every participant of our company feels safe and confident, as people, leading the company, act with a high level of social responsibility and make every effort on order not to let our investors down, who invested their money and expect to receive an income.

Participants of venture company are protected by the following factors.

1. Owner of the company

This company, based on venture investments, belongs to Credit Consumers Union TRUST PREMIER, which works legally and is registered in relevant authorities.

2. Professional traders

Investors’ funds, used for trading on FOREX, are available only for professional traders, who perfectly know their business. Consequently, risk of unfortunate rates is minimized.

3. Owner’s business

Despite the trading results on FOREX, every investor of trading area is guaranteed to receive standard benefits. Due to the fact that Credit Consumers Union TRUST PREMIER, which is the company’s owner, has a few business lines. In case of failure on market, for accrual of interest will be used an income, gained from other business.

4. 100% hedging of funds!

All money of depositors, used for trading on FOREX, are effectively protected against changes in currency rates. Due to this, economic situation on market does by no means affects the income of the company participants.

5. Unique strategy

For conducting trades on FOREX, we involve a few segments of our structure, and the main among them is analytics section. Advantage of our strategy lies in the fact that traders have an opportunity to forecast the result of one or another rate with great probability. This makes trading extremely efficient.

6. Control of General Director

General Director and determined chief executives personally monitor situations on market. Their experience in the area of trading on FOREX allows to accurately to forecast changes of the situation that in turn makes positive impact on trading results.

PREMIER FXVCI – a beneficial company of reliable Union,
and participation in it enables receiving a good additional
income without any special effort!


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