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Chief executives

Vakulchuk Irina Georgievna, born in 1962.
Native of the Leningrad city, she is a general director and is in control of Private investment club LLC “Premier” (Premier Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI). She is an experienced manager and professional in her area, as well as she is a shareholder of Credit Consumers Union “Trust-Premier”, which is a direct grantor of active assets and investment portfolios of shareholders. LLC “Premier” represented by Irina Georgievna, is a successful trust asset and investment portfolio manager of shareholders of CCU “Trust-Premier”. Vakulchuk I.G. is developer of a unique system of hedging of investors’ assets, thus enabling her company to propel the Premier FXVCI to a completely new level within a very short period. That enabled CCU “Trust-Premier” to pay to the shareholders supplementary fees at the value of 10 % from the amount of investments according to the results of 2015
Shalashow Nikolay Viktorovich, born in 1985.
Has been working over 11 years in a financial sector, is able to obtain and analyze information. His experience and skills allow efficiently and to maximum effect to allocate financial flows of our Union. He is an assistant of Shytina O.I. He takes the main place in a team of traders and is a chief trader in LLC “Premier” (Premier Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI)). He has already been working with securities and successfully trading in Forex market more than 10 years. You can find results of his trading sessions in section “Reports” on the website of CCU “Trust-Premier” and Premier FXVCI. He also manages the direction on analysis and provision of trading signals to our VIP clients and organizes the work with the clients, who have VIP + status (trading in our platform) in cooperation with Albert Newman.
Albert Newman, born in 1977.
Native of Holland. Not a mere coincidence that this member is in the team of LLC “Premier” (Premier Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI)). Aside from the fact that he is a key player in processing of trading signals from the leading trading platforms and analyst in a big company on Wall Street. He is also a leading expert in the area of venture investments. There are more than 50 clients with the VIP + status on Albert’s account, who are trading in our platform.Personnel of Premier FXVCI consists of more than 20 merchandising traders and more than 30 analytics, who extract and process the information, obtained from all the possible sources and provide the most reliable information to our traders and clients (who have the VIP and VIP + status) for the most successful trading. Statistics of deals on signals from our analytics amounts to 78-90% according to monthly statistics.

Premier FXVCI – what is important for You, is important for us!

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