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Company history

History of our private investment club - PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI) – began in 2013

Radomskiy Yuriy Stanislavovich, who started Credit Consumers Union CCU “Trust-Premier” and identified the key direction of venture capital investments, set up LLC “Premier” and placed at the head of it Vakulchuk Irina Georgievna.

Vakulchuk I.G. has been working in financial sector more than 15 years. She broke fresh ground as a trader on FOREX. Gradually developing and improving, she was able to create her own team of traders and took the lead in it. She has 3 University diplomas and a science degree. As of today, Vakulchuk I.G. is a direct participant of the Union.

Participants are able to control business activity of LLC “Premier” by means of special options, located in their personal accounts on the website:!

Transfer of any assets between LLC “Trust-Premier” and LLC “Premier” is carried out exclusively on a trust agreement basis.

It is an affiliated company in our Credit Consumers Union, which serves as a tool for business operations in various lines.

It should be noted that every business type, which involves LLC “Premier”, is thriving and ranges among the high profitable types. Foremost – thanks to Vakulchuk Irina Georgievna. To help You understand, how vast and multi-faceted is business activity of the affiliated company, we provide a few business area of the company:

Success of business conduct is explained not only by professionalism of company executive, and the employees, but also by insider information awareness, acquired from European and Russian banks.

This is a key factor, which helped LLC “Premier” to increase assets by 45% for the last 2 months of 2014.

It had a positive impact on the participants of the Union. Instead of promised 20%, the union paid to depositors 35%.

In the first instance, founders of Premier FXVCI approved personnel policy. Thus, in order to become a trader of the company, competitor should successfully work on the Forex not less than 5 years.

This delivered benefits already in the second year— returns of LLC “Premier”, Private investment club- PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI) were more than 270% per annum,

which had undeniable impact on the payments of bonuses to the participants of our club in 2015, in such a way our participants

received additional 25 % from the amount of invested assets, excluding the income, guaranteed in accordance with chosen schedule rate.

Continuous monitoring of the last trends of online trading by our employees, allows PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI dynamically change trading terms. The company does its best in order to meet all the last requirements for quality in the area of service rendering to its clients.

With the assumption that our experts are constantly expanding the client base and a complex of trading tools! So, by the end of the first year of existence of PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI average monthly income of our clients was more than 55%!


PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI) is ready to bring to Your attention various schedule rates for assets management by our traders on behalf of the Client. We never remain complacent and continue developing new strategies, so that the clients of PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI) will be able to learn, how to make money on the global financial market Forex completely without risk!

Among services, provided in our club, a system of signals and robotic devices for our VIP clients, we also provide services for independent trade at our venueа (the service is available for the clients with VIP + status).

Besides, important incentive for maximum effectiveness of our company is the fact that company income hinge on income of our investors. After all, the more successful participants of our club, the more successful we are!

In addition, PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI) does not forget to please our investors with the opportunities to receive various bonuses. Besides, we regularly run many campaigns, hold contests and give seminars, with valuable awards — from smartphones to premium automobiles!

PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI)
has no right to make mistakes!


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