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About us

PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI) – one of the numerous companies of Credit Consumers Union TRUST PREMIER, launched in 2014 and oriented on increase of income level of investors.

Although the company PREMIER FXVCI works from 2014, it managed to earn trust of a great quantity of investors and popularity among the clients, who want to receive passive income!

This is due to the fact that one member of the executive board of the Union TRUST PREMIER has an extensive working experience in a financial sector. In particular – more than 10 successful years on FOREX market. She is a founder and a general director of LLC “Premier”, which in turn holds responsibility for operation of the company and the website of PREMIER Forex Venture Capital Investments (FXVCI). See here for further details

Source of our income are trades on world-renowned FOREX market. Principles of PREMIER FXVCI are extremely simple, transparent and represent the following chain of actions.

More detailed information on how to become an investor, You can learn here.

You may find that the given terms do not represent something special. You may also think that the company has no guaranties. However the first and second opinions are wrong.

And now, we will explain why.

Trading rules in company PREMIER FXVCI

The key of success of the company is in experts, who conduct trades on FOREX. Everyone, who uses the money of an investor within the company, is a professional trader with a trading experience of more than 10 years. They know well the rules of financial market; they are able to detect pitfalls in time, as well as know what situation is the best suitable for opening an order that results in an income receipt and the moment to wait and observe the changes that will happen on market in the nearest time.

Financial market is not stable; it is constantly changing, developing and growing. We understand this perfectly and realize that an experience and skills of our traders may not be enough for positive trading results on FOREX.

This is exactly why, we have an analytics department in the Union TRUST PREMIER as a support for our experts. It monitors the market situation, learns news, relating to financial environment and on the ground of an acquired information provides traders with references and forecasts.

We use exclusively insider information from banks and the leading platforms in our work. All information is carefully checked before granted to traders.

Experts and analytics, forming a single team, day by day accumulate funds deposited by our investors; this guaranties not only daily receipt of an income, but opportunity for timely deposit repayment.

Additional payment guaranties in the company PREMIER FXVCI

There is no point to deny unsteadiness of this area, instability of the situation on financial market. In this regard, despite of all taken measures, trades are not always profitable. However, this by no means affects the income of our investors, as the company PREMIER FXVCI was launched by the Union TRUST PREMIER, which has lots of business lines. They guaranty that investor will receive his money in accordance with the chosen rate schedule regardless of trading results on FOREX.

PREMIER FXVCI – for a newbie and professional

We work out the kinks out of the company, trying to make it interesting for the people with different experiences of investing funds in trading on FOREX. To achieve such results, were developed two investment programs with different deposit conditions that allow investing whether small amounts, or substantial amounts, bringing different level incomes. We have also a special investment VIP program; terms of this program are discussed individually.

We are constantly monitoring the market changes,
trying to make everyone’s participation in the Union
the most interesting and profitable.


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